WIC Is Here to Support You

WIC provides these resources for Local WIC Agencies, clients, health care providers, retailers and partners of WIC.

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Participant & Census Data

WIC provides reports for local WIC agency staff and for partner agencies

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WIC Events and Projects Calendar

Find all WIC events, webinars and project milestones.

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Compass support

Equipment, forms and help tickets to support the Compass database.


Here are guidelines, policies and documents for use of WIC equipment.

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WIC directors can find information here.

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Emergency feeding resources

In the event of a natural disaster, here is what you should know to get help finding food assistance.

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WIC verification tools

Tools for WIC staff to verify Health First Colorado Eligibility, Colorado Immunization Information.

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Tools for staff to help promote to clients.

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Local Agency WIC breastfeeding resources

Breastfeeding tools and resources for local agency WIC staff