Partner Resources

Topics: Breastfeeding Formula Nutrition Outreach Pharmacy

Resources and Materials for Community Partners, Hospitals, and Health Care Providers


These materials are used by state and local WIC agencies, community partners, and health care providers. Materials can be downloaded and printed or shared electronically. If you would like pre-printed outreach brochures and posters, please contact your local WIC clinic.

Frequently asked questions 

Connecting families with WIC 

  • Display WIC outreach brochures and posters in your office. 
  • Discuss the benefits of participating in WIC during visits.
  • Refer potentially eligible individuals and families to WIC, with verbal consent, by completing this short online referral form and we’ll give them a call.

Additional Resources for Hospitals and Health Care Providers

For more information, contact your local WIC clinic or the Colorado WIC state office at