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IT equipment

Colorado WIC does not provide IT support for: clinic computers, internet, printers/faxes/scanners, signature pads, magnetic stripe readers or phones. For assistance with IT equipment, please contact your local IT department.

  • Signature pads & pens: Local agencies are responsible for purchasing this equipment. The specifications for the signature pads and pens are as follows:
    • Topaz T-L755 Signature Gem LCD 4x3 pad (#T-LBK755-BHSB-R):
      This model is the Topaz Signature Gem LCD 4s3 pad.
      The model number is T-LBK755-BHSB-R
    • Topaz Signature Gem Series Replacement Pen (#P=ET110-HN):
      This is the replacement pen designed for the Topaz Signature Gem Series.
      The model number for the pen is P-ET110-HN
  • Magnetic stripe card reader: Local agencies are responsible for purchasing their own magnetic stripe card readers. To be compatible with Compass, readers must use keyboard input for data and work with a standard magnetic card reader device such as a USB-connected Magteck Dynamag Reader, part #21073062 or 21073145. Critical specifications to consider are:
    • The reader must read ANSI/ISO/AAMVA card formats.
    • The reader must provide a keyboard emulation interface.