Growing Healthy Children

Help your child eat well, be active, and grow up healthy.

You can help your child develop healthy eating and physical activity habits for life.  WIC offers you tips and support to help your little one grow healthy and strong.

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Children 1 to 2 Years

Your child’s ready to eat most of the foods you do! Offer nutritious foods and regular meals and snacks to help your child stay healthy, grow well, and learn.

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Children 2 to 3 Years

At this age, your child needs your help to make healthy choices. Learn how to make a healthy plate with your child.

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Children 3 to 4 Years

At three, your child is learning to do more for themselves.

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Children 4 to 5 Years

Trying new foods with your child can be both fun and a learning experience. Your child is more likely to try foods if they see you eating them, too.