Nutrition & Health

Healthy Pregnancies are the Start of A Healthy Family

Starting your family on a healthy path means making sure that you are healthy, too! Here are a few ways you can stay healthy before giving birth to your new baby.

Eat Healthy Foods

The trick is to eat healthy. Don’t fall into the “I am eating for two” trap. Foods rich in essential nutrients such as protein, folate and iron will nourish you and your baby. Drinking water is good for both you and your growing baby. Eating four to five  smaller meals will keep your blood-sugar levels steady and prevent heartburn.

Keep Moving!

You should stay active, even when you are pregnant. Be sure to get in at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, whether that is through a walk around the neighborhood or a low-intensity bike ride or gym class. All this will prepare you to be strong when you give birth.

Pay Attention to Your Health

Be sure to stay in good health yourself. Get a flu shot and regular dental checkups. If you do get sick while you are pregnant, don't take anything that hasn't been approved by your doctor or health care professional.

Symptoms that may seem like nothing when you are not pregnant may be more telling during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor or health care professional if you experience dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, nausea and vomiting, trouble walking, pain or burning during urination, blurry vision, pronounced swelling or decreased fetal activity.

Seek Out Support

Practical and emotional support can be crucial in helping you stay mentally healthy and reduce stress,  anxiety and depression. If you do experience these symptoms it  is not your fault, and you are not alone. Seek out and strengthen your relationships with others such as your partner, family, friends, co-workers and take the support provided by WIC. Talk to your doctor or health care professional about your feelings. This continuous support can help reduce your anxieties about giving birth and ease the stress of labor.