Approved Locally Grown Foods

Use your FMNP vouchers to buy only unprepared, locally grown, fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs. Organic foods are allowed. You cannot use FMNP vouchers to purchase dried fruits, baked goods, cheese, ciders, eggs, meats, honey, jams, jellies, nuts, rice, salsa, seafood, seeds, syrups, or any item that is not fresh fruit, vegetable, or cut herb.

Foods may include but are not limited to:

Apples Figs Pears
Apricots Garlic Peas
Artichokes Grapes Peppers
Asparagus Greens Plums
Beans Green Onion Potatoes
Beets Green Beans Pumpkins
Berries Herbs (Fresh Cut) Radishes
Broccoli Kohlrabi Rhubarb
Brussels Sprouts Lettuce Shallots
Cabbage Leeks Spinach
Carrots Melons Squash
Cauliflower Microgreens Sweet Potatoes
Celery Mushrooms Tomatoes
Cherries Nectarines Tomatillos
Chilies (Fresh) Okra Turnips
Corn Onions Zucchini
Cucumber Parsnips  
Eggplant Peaches