Apply to be a WIC Store

Topics: Retailer

WIC vENDOR authorization

If you're interested in becoming a WIC authorized retailer, please complete an online WIC Vendor Application.

If you have questions about the WIC food delivery system, please contact us at 303-692-2400 or email [email protected].

All WIC food benefits issued within the program are redeemed by a limited number of authorized grocery stores, pharmacies and commissaries. The program doesn't authorize every retailer that applies. Authorization is based on the need for a retailer within an area, and selection and limiting criteria.

Selection criteria

  • The store must be a full-service grocery store with a primary function of selling groceries.
  • The store must maintain regular business hours.
  • The store must meet the minimum WIC food stocking requirements for the needs of WIC participants.
  • The store must not have had a SNAP or WIC Program disqualification or civil money penalty imposed within the last two years, or be currently disqualified from either program.
  • The store must not discriminate on grounds of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or political beliefs and must make reasonable accommodations for shoppers with disabilities.
  • The store must purchase infant formula from approved suppliers.