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Finding support in your community is important to your breastfeeding success. Below are some resources to help you on your breastfeeding journey. Ask your local WIC clinic for additional breastfeeding resources in your community.



Returning to work or school after having a baby is often a difficult time for any parent. Talk with your employer or school and share your goals and needs. The following resources and links provide some useful tips.

State and federal laws require employers to provide accommodations for breastfeeding employees to express their milk. In Colorado, all employers (any business with one or more employees) must:

  • Provide reasonable unpaid or paid break and/or meal time, each workday for the employee to express human milk for their child(ren) up to 2 years after birth. 
  • Provide a private location in close proximity to the work area (must not be a toilet stall) for the employee to express milk; and 
  • Not discriminate against the employee for expressing milk in the workplace.  

The following videos can be shared with employers to help them to understand Colorado state laws, how to accommodate your needs, and how to be supportive of your decision to breastfeed. 
Workplace Short Videos for Employers and Mothers: Part 1Part 2 | Part 3.

Workplace Video for Breastfeeding Moms
Workplace Video for Breastfeeding Moms Part 2
Workplace Video for Breastfeeding Moms Part 3






The following toolkits, handouts, and resources are for your own knowledge and to share with employers, family and friends, and others in your community. The more information that is shared, the more supportive the community becomes toward breastfeeding.



Colorado’s state laws are stronger than federal laws and offer more protections for you as a breastfeeding person. However, many employers and individuals may only know about federal laws. 

Colorado has 4 laws currently that offer breastfeeding families support:

  • Breastfeeding in Public - You May breastfeed any place you have the right to be. 
  • Workplace Accommodations for Nursing Mothers Act - All employers must provide a private space (not a toilet stall) in close proximity to the work area and access to such space each workday (paid or unpaid break/meal time) for up to 2 years after the child(ren)’s birth. 
  • Postponement of Jury Service for a Person Who is Breastfeeding a Child Act - Breastfeeding persons may be eligible for up to two 12-month postponements of jury service. 
  • Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act - all employers must provide accommodations to employees’ work schedules and duties for health conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth recovery, or related conditions if requested by the employee. 

Below are some additional helpful handouts and information to share with employers and others in your community.



The person you choose to watch your baby when you are away should be supportive of your feeding choice. Be sure to share the below resources with your child care provider, family, and friends.