Colorado Baby-Friendly Hospital Collaborative

September 26, 2018
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The Colorado Baby-Friendly Hospital Collaborative helps Colorado improve breastfeeding rates and practices by helping maternity hospitals achieve Baby-Friendly designation.
We support participating hospitals by providing training, resources and opportunities to improve policies and processes that impact breastfeeding outcomes.
Baby-Friendly Materials
Benefits of Baby-Friendly - Information for hospital leadership.
Collaborative Webinars
Sharing the Knowledge, June 6, 2017:
Handouts | CBFHC June Handouts.
HQIP Baby-Friendly incentive information: Hospital Provider Fee Oversight and Advisory Board - Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing | 2017 HQIP Information | 2018 HQIP Proposed Measures Draft.
​Quality Improvement = Baby-Friendly and the State of Breastfeeding in Colorado, March 7, 2017:
Presentation Slides | Quality Improvement | State Breastfeeding Data.
Handouts | NIS Breastfeeding Report Card | Baby-Friendly flyer | PDSA Tracking Sheet | USDA Human Milk Storage Handout | 2015 mPINC Report: English | Spanish.
Formula for Success, December 6, 2016:
Presentation slides | Introduction and Pat Maass presentation | Formula Attestation by Andrea Tran
Handouts | St. Joseph Infant Feeding Survey for Moms | StJoseph Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Trimester Checklist
Education is Key, June 7, 2016:
Presentation slides | CBFHC Webinar | St. Francis Baby Friendly | Sustainability
Handouts | St. Francis Post Test Answer Key PDF | Word version
Destination Dreams, March 8, 2016:
Presentation slides |  Destination Dreams | Data Collection | Ensuring Safe Skin-to-Skin
Handouts |  Bibliography: Final Sudden Unexpected Postnatal Collapse
Wrap It Up!: Finalizing Your Baby-Friendly Journey, December 8, 2015:
Presentation slides | Wrap It Up!: Finalizing Your Baby-Friendly Journey | Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, Our Baby Friendly Site Assessment Visit
Handouts | Denver Health 10 Steps Poster | Boulder 10 Steps, in Spanish | 2006 Early Infant Feeding Decisions - Los Dos
Anticipating the Finish Line: Preparing for the Site Visit and Final Barriers, June 2015:
Presentation slides | Alternative Feeding Methods | The Fourth-D in the Pathway: Designation
Setting the Course: Implementing Guidelines and Overcoming Barriers on Your Journey, March 2015.
Presentation slides.
Marijuana Clinical Guidance slides.
Fact sheet - Marijuana and Your Baby.
Marijuana Breastfeeding Clinical Guidelines.
Boulder: Baby Friendly Provider Education slides.
Sharing Best Practices for Accomplishing Skills Competencies for Maternity Staff, Dec. 2014.
Step 3: Prenatal Connections, Dec. 2013.
Data Collection: The Joint Commission and Baby-Friendly Requirements: Karen Peters, MBA, RD, IBCLC, executive director, Breastfeed LA, September 2013.
Speaker handout.
Going Baby-Friendly Webinars
The Business Case for Becoming a Baby-Friendly Hospital for hospital CEOs: Marianne Neifert, April 2013.
Speaker handout.
The Business Case for Becoming a Baby-Friendly Hospital, Parts 1 & 2: Marianne Neifert, March 2013.
Speaker handout.
Being a Baby-Friendly Hospital in Colorado: Karen Moore, MSN, RN-C, IBCLC, APN Poudre Valley Health Systems, September 2013.
Speaker handout.
Linking Direction and Motivation to Engender Staff Buy-In: Marianne Neifert, M.D., FAAP, September 2013.
Speaker handout.
Hiking the Mountain One Step at a Time: The Path to Baby-Friendly: Karen Peters, MBA, RD, IBCLC, executive director, Breastfeed LA, September 2013.
Speaker handout.
Influencing Behavior Change - Hand Washing video, September 2013.
Collaborative Charter | Second Cohort Collaborative Charter
Tools and Resources